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NamePrice to Buy

Price to Sell
Return from Salvage
after TP tax
Price to Craft
Price to Forge
What it's used to make
Sentinel's Soft Wood Scepter of Perception
Exotic Weapon Scepter 80
0.40+ / day
05:21:25:21/outbid : ∞/undercut

MSK (12457)
1.070 x Elder Wood Log 71
0.11 x Ancient Wood Log 154
1.20 x Glob of Ectoplasm 1401
0.5 x Glob of Dark Matter 0
0.4 x Sentinel's Orichalcum Imbued Inscription 32072
2.5 x Lucent Mote 11
0.072 x Symbol of Enhancement 1367

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Help and Info:
 ● Gives a list of all items that match your search criteria and allows you to see what the best thing to do with that item is.
 ● You can search for Items' Names. It will match any words (either/or), and you can use "double quotes" to search for an exact phrase.
 ● 'What it's used to make' is the highest % profit item this item is an ingredient in. It will link to the Recipes Tool and display all the other recipes this item is an ingredient in.