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Minimum Profit = Copper (5000)
Minimum Daily Profit = Copper (200000)
Minimum % Profit = %
Minimum % Daily Profit = %
Minimum Velocity =
You are using Current prices (Switch to Average prices)
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NameBuy Order Price

Sell Listing Price
Profit (Percent)Daily Profit (Percent)Loss per Relist
Relist Allowance
Apothecary's Intricate Gossamer Insignia
Exotic CraftingMaterial 80
24.41+ / day
07:20:54/outbid : 02:00:51/undercut

34393 (160%)419739 (1,949%)3289
Can relist 10 times
Can Buy 3.74 at a time

Can Sell 1.024 at a time
NameBuy Order Price

Sell Listing Price
Profit (Percent)Daily Profit (Percent)Loss per Relist
Relist Allowance
Azurite Orichalcum Ring
Exotic Trinket Ring 80
31.52+ / day
11:26:17/outbid : 05:00:05/undercut

17674 (111%)278530 (1,752%)1974
Can relist 8 times
Can Buy 7.51 at a time

Can Sell 3.28 at a time
NameBuy Order Price

Sell Listing Price
Profit (Percent)Daily Profit (Percent)Loss per Relist
Relist Allowance
√Čibhear Dunn
Exotic Weapon LongBow 80
146.52+ / day
02:40:36/outbid : 00:50:56/undercut

7836 (121%)574085 (8,828%)843
Can relist 9 times
Can Buy 8.17 at a time

Can Sell 2.59 at a time
Cutthroat Caller
Exotic Weapon Warhorn 80
143.94+ / day
02:15:12/outbid : 00:42:35/undercut

5427 (105%)390587 (7,548%)623
Can relist 8 times
Can Buy 6.76 at a time

Can Sell 2.13 at a time
Rabid Pearl Sabre
Exotic Weapon Sword 80
61.06+ / day
02:54:13/outbid : 01:48:32/undercut

8699 (111%)265614 (3,375%)974
Can relist 8 times
Can Buy 3.69 at a time

Can Sell 2.3 at a time

Help and Info:
 ● Will give you a list of all items where you can place a buy order for a low price and then place a sell listing for a large profit.
 ● You can sort by what you want to: Profit, Daily Profit
 ● 'Switch to Average Price' will use the item's average price instead of current price. Sometimes the current price is spiked and you wouldn't actually be able to buy or sell at that price, this fixeds that for those items. However, it introduces the same problem for other items that were recently spiked, so be careful.
 ● 'Arrange by All' will give one big list of all items. 'Arrange by Item Type' will seperate the big list into item types.
 ● 'Buy Order Price' and 'Sell Listing Price' are the current prices to Buy and Sell this item
 ● 'Profit' is how much you make if you buy the item from buy order and sell to sell listing (Price to Sell * 0.85 - Price to Buy)
 ● 'Velocity' is listed under the item's name and type and is an average of how many of this item are bought and sold per day (it's the sum of both, so if you just want one, divide in half).
 ● 'Daily Profit' is how much you'll make if you craft and sell as many as the Velocity estimates you'll be able to sell in a day (Profit * Velocity/2).
  You won't be able to meet this value because someone will likely undercut you, but the higher this number, the more potential profit is available to you.
 ● 'Loss per Relist' is how much it costs to list the item on the TP, which is also about how much it'll cost if you have to relist the item if you get undercut
 ● 'Relist Allowance' is how many times you can relist the item before the 5% TP tax depletes your profit margin
 ● 'Expectations' combines Velocity and time to outbid/undercut, it tells you about how many you can expect to buy/sell per order/listing before getting outbid/undercut.
 All items with no sell listings are excluded from results.