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62,100 items and 11,672 recipes remaining to be updated, ~10.4 hours.

Please note that this will mark all the items and recipes to update their info (name, merchant value, number required to craft, etc).
Items and recipes are rarely changed, so this does not need to happen very often.
After they are marked to be updated, they will automatically be updated over the next ~10.4 hours.
It takes a while, so don't do this unless it needs doing.
This DOES need doing after an update includes something like 'Changed some item names' or 'Adjusted Bolt of Silk to require 3 Scraps instead of 2'.

There is more required to continue with this action:
You need to append '&M=y&s=t&i=c' to the above URL (this is to prevent mistakenly activating it).