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Mystic.5934 (Toothless Biter)
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Special Thanks To:
  For lovely item prices and item and recipe info
 GW2 Wiki
  For mountains of data and images
  For awesome advice and nicely researched salvage returns
  Salvage Kit % rarer materials:
  Ecto salvage returns
  For more Precursor forging data than you thought possible
  179 precursors:
  Original Post:
  14 precursors after patch (showing old results were still valid):
 The Egg Baron
  For kickstarting the Mystic Forge material promotion rates
  For catching some Mystic Forge recipes I missed
  For tons of help with more Mystic Forge recipes
  For 2017's Trick-or-Treat bag research
 Trutichup and sutgon
  For 2017's Wintersday Gift research
  For 20,000 of 2018's Divine Lucky Envelope research
  For 10,000 of 2018's Divine Lucky Envelope research